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The NEGATIVE MESSAGE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The NEGATIVE MESSAGE - Essay Example It is fundamental that our office makes a decent impression with the goal that the open feels that we are proficient and productive association. Our item necessitates that our customers trust us enough to accept that we will dependably safeguard their assets and lives, and not let them down. Their initial introduction of us must be acceptable and the state of our workplaces must mirror our polished methodology. Frequently over the most recent couple of months, we have thought that it was important to contact your organization with the goal that assignments would be done that ought to have been a piece of each day’s schedule. Incidental wreckage heaps and spills were not dealt with on six events at any rate, during the customary cleaning rounds of the groups. We at that point needed to contact your organization straightforwardly to have the necessary work done. We additionally to heightened our interchanges and did, on two events over the most recent three months, get in touch with you straightforwardly. Notwithstanding your confirmations that the circumstance would improve, we are as yet encountering issues.

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Vision and Mission of Japan Airline Group Essay

Vision and Mission of Japan Airline Group - Essay Example It grasps conforming to natural laws and guidelines, advancing effective utilization of vitality and assets, squander decrease and reusing, choosing condition well disposed items, and social commitments. The Japan Airlines Group Code of Conduct plainly explains the qualities that the organization seeks after with respect to various parts of its business exercises. Then again, the group’s vision explanation, despite the fact that expressing how the organization sees its turn of events and accentuating worldwide extension, points of interest of the supporting business, and spotlight on separation, would profit by increasingly exact and quantifiable way to deal with what the Japan Airlines need to turn into. For example, their vision proclamation might be â€Å"to become the world driving organization as far as safety† or â€Å"#1 Airline in the trips inside Asian region†. The statement of purpose of the JAL Group is as per the following: â€Å"Proud to be the biggest local system in the business, we bring people groups, their societies and their hearts closer together, adding to harmony and thriving in Japan and past. This is predicated on a persistent responsibility to flight wellbeing. We endeavor to turn into a world-class air transportation gathering, one that is reliably picked by our clients, and amplifies corporate incentive in quest for our central arrangement of sharing the worth we make with every one of our partners. The JAL Group presently is spreading new wings of trust, getting ready for a recharged push forward† (Annual Report 2005, recovered April 12, 2006). By and large, the statement of purpose of the Japan Airline Group can be evaluated emphatically. It mirrors the company’s theory and its self-idea, obviously demonstrates what items and markets the organization offers, how it sees its job in the general public and what are the variables adding to its prosperity and development.

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Math in your feet! Essays - Geometry, Elementary Geometry

Math in your feet?! 3984625571500 When the vast majority consider geometry , they consider triangle s, circles, or other level shapes . In any case, subsequent to investing only a little energy in a Math in Your Feet workshop , they might just beginning envisioning geometry as the edge of a stage, the circular segment of a jump, or t he balance of arms spread wide . They can likewise make designs with their developments boisterous ones, if tap shoes are included. Yet, could binds math to something increasingly powerful and three-dimensional, similar to move , help contextualize it inside that greater picture? Rosenfeld chose to discover. Since she didn't have the foundation to build up an educational program all alone, she went to a teacher named Jane Cooney, a science mentor in Indianapolis. In the wake of working with Cooney for around nine months, Rosenfeld built up an underlying rendition of Math in Your Feet . The program has since coordinated a scope of math ideas. It is likewise lined up with the Common Core norms for math . The program is intended for primary school understudies, and it shows everything from parts (by learning the distinction between a quarter-and a half-turn), compatibility (by moving as one) and reflection balance (by making inverse yet equivalent strides).

Syllabus: Rational Number and Gwalior Glory High

Compose laws of forces and types (alongside one model) in an AY Size sheet. Puzzle explaining dependent on Rational Nose. Science l-Explore your fridge or capacity cabinet and rundown 8-10 food things that are protected utilizing additives. Get some answers concerning the method of activity of every additive record the information in a given plain configuration. Al-Product Name Method of bundling Expiry date Method of (fixed sack, bottle, can, container and so forth ) (best previously) protection You can take help from pig. 18 of your science book. Or then again To make a breeze chem.. (Insight : Use 4-6 bits of empty metal containers of various lengths †paint them in various colors.Hang them on a cardboard so they swing and strike one another) Social Studies l-Collect photos of certain assets you use in your home and study hall and make an arrangement in your duplicate with the photos. Al-Write the Preamble of the Indian Constitution in your duplicate. Sick Visit an exhibition hall and discover the different wellsprings of data of present day history. Glue the photos and mark them in your duplicate. PC Prepare a record or a graph clarifying the kinds of networks.Write laws of types alongside one model on AY Size Sheet. Q. 2 Solve the riddle dependent on sound numbers. Peruse the given pieces of information Smallest arrangement of numbers which is shut under deduction. Some of the structure p where p, q are whole numbers and q 0 q 7 A number distinct by Related to a procedure on judicious number which gives same outcome in any event, when the number change places. Inverse of the word negative Additive personality for discerning numbers A prime number which is total of a significantly number and a prime number.

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Mary Wollstoncrafts, The Vindication of the Rights of Women Essays

Mary Wollstoncraft's, The Vindication of the Rights of Women Mary Wollstoncraft's book, The Vindication of the Rights of Women, is an inconceivably canny investigate the life of ladies in the early segment of this century. It is a philosophical assessment of the state of ladies, in relationship to some fundamental rights, and is likewise an edifying gander at how short a separation we truly have come, as a general public, in relationship to our view of ladies. Wollstoncraft introduces herself as a staggeringly illuminated person who takes a gander at her sex as a subject which ought to be viewed as sensible animals, as opposed to beasts or champions. She starts her book with words which plainly show her worries: In the wake of thinking about the noteworthy page, and survey the living scene with on edge anxiety, the most despairing feelings of miserable outrage have discouraged my spirits, and I have moaned when obliged to admit that either Nature has had an extraordinary effect among man and man, or that the human progress which has up to this point occurred on the planet has been halfway. I have turned over different books composed regarding the matter of instruction, and calmly watched the direct of guardians and the administration of schools; yet what has been the outcome?- - a significant conviction that the ignored training of my individual animals is the stupendous wellspring of the wretchedness I regret, and that ladies, specifically, are rendered frail and pathetic by an assortment of agreeing causes, starting from one hurried end. From this selection we can plainly comprehend that Wollstoncraft isn't simply venting outrage and portraying real factors that are bogus. She isn't really furious or mad about the real factors she sees before her, yet rather, is bewildered and appears to be resolved to some way or another comprehend what it is that causes the real factors she sees. While there is the utilization of some negative words, for example, powerless and vomited, these are basically expressions of the time and they just further reality of what the creator is observer to. Here is a lady who is of evident knowledge who is observer to the misconception that seems to chase after all ladies. She outlines that ladies are denied the capacity to straightforwardly acquire a helpful training, but instead kept oblivious and put upon this verifiable platform that demands ladies don't have to have such information, for it would lik... ...ook and her endeavor to get ladies to comprehend, is that ladies despite everything don't comprehend the basic base of the issue. While ladies might be in a position today, where they get training and keep up a scholarly position, and maybe even venture to such an extreme as to discover a mate that treats them similarly, there are as yet a huge number of ladies who endeavor to be just a pretty picture for the men. What number of ladies burn through a large number of dollars to augment their bosoms? Do they improve all in all or do they do this to pick up the consideration of men, in a sexual and regenerative way? From numerous points of view, Wollstoncraft's is an account of yesterday and today. It is a philosophical way to deal with the imbalance or the lack of regard of men in relationship to ladies, just as an investigate how ladies see one another and their own sexual orientation. It is a wise location regarding the matter of such real factors. One marvels if Wollstoncraft knew about how applicable her philosophical methodology would be 70 years after the fact. After perusing her book, one would need to state that Wollstoncraft was smart enough to perceive that such real factors could never show signs of change in such a generally brief timeframe.

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What Women Need to Include in Their Linkedin Profile to Increase Visibility

What Women Need to Include in Their Linkedin Profile to Increase Visibility Most people think that LinkedIn profiles are only useful when searching for a job. Think about it. How many people who are happily employed spend time making sure that their LinkedIn profile gives that recruiter who comes across it every reason to get in touch?Of course, we all accept new requests and add the new people every once in a while, but is that enough to make us stand out?With a million things competing for the little time that we have, many people tend to ignore their LinkedIn profile. What most of us forget is that if you choose to invest time in making your LinkedIn profile a kick ass profile, you will be attractive to recruiters. As a result, you will be staying available for new and exciting career opportunities without actively seeking them.LinkedIn now has more than 500 million users in 200 countries. It is currently the largest professional network in the world. With such a big user base, members of the community have access to millions of opportunities thanks to th e connections that can be made on the platform.For example, every member of this community has access to the more than 10 million active jobs on the platform. This means that millions of recruiters are looking to hire and if you position yourself accordingly, you could be one of the beneficiaries.After LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion, we can be sure that the company will be around for quite some time. This is the place to be if you want to be found by employers and recruiters.Imagine this.You have just arrived in a new town for a business meeting. You have a few hours before the meeting starts and you are feeling a bit hungry so you decide to grab a bite. You have no friends in this town so you turn to good old Google.Type a few keywords and voila! You have the names, reviews and locations of a handful of restaurants that you can go to for a bite. Naturally, you will look through a few of these restaurants before you decide on the one to use.This is exactly what happens when employers and head-hunters go to LinkedIn in search of people to fill their open positions. Your LinkedIn profile is what makes them decide if they will consider you for the open position or not.Today, we’ll look at tips that women can use to increase their visibility on LinkedIn.Before we get to the visibility tips, let’s start with some of the benefits that you stand to gain by improving your profile’s visibility. BENEFITS OF RANKING HIGH ON LINKEDINYou’ll get more eyeballs. How many times have you ever looked beyond the second page in Google? If you are like most people, you only consider the results that show up on the first page. Recruiters will do the same so if your profile will be missed by most recruiters if it is sitting somewhere on page 10.You’ll get a competitive edge. The world (and LinkedIn) is full of people who are more qualified and more experienced than you for any position. However, if your profile is on page 1, you will be considered first.Your profile works for you around the clock. This means that you are being considered for jobs all over the world even when you are sleeping.When your profile ranks high for a certain keyword g. Mechanical Engineer in London, you will be perceived as one of the best Mechanical Engineers in London. Who doesn’t want to work with the best?A professional profile filters out the bad offers and attracts good offers. If someone is looking f or the best people in your industry, they will send the offer to people with professional profiles that have received LinkedIn’s approval. If your profile is high on LinkedIn’s list of professional in your industry, you are more likely to get offers that are worth your consideration.HOW TO  BEING RANKED HIGH ON LINKEDINNow that we know why you should rank high on LinkedIn, let’s look at tips that will help you get this high rank.Complete Your ProfileYour profile needs to be 100% complete. You will not rank well if you are missing a profile picture, or the summary or tagline. The good thing about this is that it helps your ranking and on top of that, helps give a good impression on the people who will read your profile.A profile with incomplete information tells recruiters that you are either lazy or one of those people who are quick to quit the minute a challenge shows up. LinkedIn also ranks complete profiles higher than those with missing information.It will also help you ge t targeted offers because recruiters will have all information about you to decide if you will be a good fit for the position they want to fill so they will only contact you if the offer is relevant to you.To fully complete your profile, you will need to enter the following information:A profile photoYour location and industry.Your current position along with a description that should contain some of your duties and responsibilities.At least two past positions. You can include volunteer or internship positions if you are on your first job.Your education.At least three skills50 of more connectionsIt’s also a good idea to promote your brand by having a relevant custom profile URL.Make Your Photo CountWe have already said that you need to have a profile photo for your profile to be complete. Here’s more: Not just any photo will help you. The profile photo contributes significantly to the first impression the potential recruiter will have of you so it needs to make you look authenti c and professional.To know if the picture is good enough for your LinkedIn profile, as yourself if it would be good enough on the cover of your autobiography. If the answer is no, it’s time to get a new profile picture.If you can show yourself in action, the better. If not, that’s still fine. Just make sure that your face is clearly visible and the background is relevant to your industry. Office environments work for most people. If possible, have a professional photo taken by a photographer.Don’t forget to smile.When uploading the photo, give it a name that has keywords relevant to your industry. For example instead of giving it a file name like “John Doe,” use something like “New York Web Developer”. Although the people viewing your profile will not see this name, it will show up in searches and give you a little bit more exposure.Tell StoriesVirtually all the spaces that need filling on your LinkedIn profile are spaces that need information about you. You can use th ese spaces to your advantage by presenting the information in a manner that is easy to digest for readers.Everyone likes a good story. So go ahead and write a short but compelling story outlining your achievements. This works best when used on the summaries under your current and past positions, and also when talking about the projects that you’ve worked on.Here’s a format that you can use to avoid giving too much information:Present the problem: For example, “The company was struggling with finding storage space for the many documents created during the process of serving customers”Talk about your solution: For example, “I used my skills as a web developer to come up with a portal that would work on the company intranet to collect and store all the information online for easy retrieval”Boast (slightly) about the results: For example, “This made it possible for the company to save on paper costs and reduce the storage space requirements while make it easy and fast to r etrieve information about our customers”Ask for RecommendationsAny of your LinkedIn contacts can write you a recommendation. The best thing about your recommendations is that they are public and they show who gave you. So use this chance to get all industry leaders who have been in contact with you to write you a recommendation.This will show everyone reading your profile that you are respected in your network and well connected. You can work on this gradually by aiming at getting one new recommendation every month.It’s also important to hide any recommendations that you don’t want on your profile. If it doesn’t preach the gospel you want preached and reaching out to the writer is uncomfortable, feel free to hide it.Use Industry-Specific KeywordsSearch engines use a number of factors to judge content. For LinkedIn and many other search engines, keywords form a big part of the factors that are considered before results are displayed. With this in mind, it’s good to note tha t you should not just stuff the keywords in the text.Your keywords should read naturally and they should be well distributed throughout the text.Not sure which keywords to include in your profile text? Put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter looking for somebody with your exact skillset. Which words would you type in the search box? Those are your keywords.Add MultimediaA picture is worth a thousand words. This is true even on your LinkedIn profile. It showcases your work in a format that recruiters will be happy to interact with. It’s also easier to believe a photo or video showing you in action than a bunch of words saying how good you are in your work.LinkedIn allows you to do this so feel free to add photos, videos and presentations of your work. They will give you credibility.Create a Public Profile BadgeIf you have a blog or your own website, a public profile badge will make your LinkedIn profile easy to find. Luckily, LinkedIn makes it easy for you to have one without worr ying about the technical side of things.To get one, you only need to go to this page while logged in and you will get a number of options to choose from. Pick the size that works best for you and copy the HTML code accompanying. Paste this code on your website and you will be ready to go.Your blog’s visitors will be able to easily find and connect with you on LinkedIn.Pay Attention to your Headline and SummaryThe photo, headline and summary are the three most important elements when it come to the first impression that your potential recruiters will have. We all know that the first impression will determine whether or not the recruiters will stay on your profile so it’s important that it is done right.Your headline doesn’t need to be your job description. In fact, you can use that space creatively to wow any recruiter who looks at your profile like these individuals did.Your summary is also as important. Ideally, it should be around 3-5 paragraphs long with a bulleted list som ewhere in the middle. It should talk about your passions, skills, unique strengths and some information about the industries that you’ve worked in.Like we said above, you can also throw in an image, video or presentation.Organize Your EndorsementsEndorsements work hand in hand with your skills. They help show that you are really good in the skills you have listed on your profile. However, having too many skills listed could send the wrong message so feel free to update this list as you move along your career path.The skills to leave on this list are the skills that are relevant to your current position.Update Your Location and IndustryOne important element in searches is location. In most cases, recruiters will look for people in a specific location. When your profile still says that you are in the same city that you left 10 years ago, you will be getting offers that can’t help you.In the same way, if you make a career transition to a different industry, update this on your prof ile.Add Projects, Languages and Volunteer ExperiencesThese are very useful for recent graduates who don’t have a lot of work experience to show. Even if you have years of experience, these sections can help you amaze a potential recruiter by proving that you are an all-round professional with a life outside the workplace.They also provide numerous opportunities to add relevant keywords to your profile. These keywords will help you rank higher in search results.Showcase Your Past Roles AchievementsIt’s not a bad idea to boast a little on your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters are looking for top performers so it’s a good idea to give the impression of a top performer. Talk about, and if possible show pictures of projects that you’ve successfully completed in the past.You can also mention promotions that you’ve received at work alongside other such accomplishments.Don’t Leave the Current Job BlankEven if you are not currently employed, you can’t afford to leave the current jo b blank. This is because most recruiters search for candidates using their current position. LinkedIn then finds people currently holding the position they searched for.This is convenient for recruiters because searching for past jobs will display thousands of candidates (including retired professionals) who have ever had the specific job title. If your current job is blank, then you miss out on such opportunities.If you are unemployed, you can work around this by posting the job title you are targeting but with the words “in transition” or “seeking new opportunity” in the box where you would have entered the company name.Join Groups and ParticipateIn addition to providing you with networking opportunities, groups can go a long way in helping you in a job search. They show that you are passionate about your field and that you know your industry.Who knows? A post in a group could be seen by somebody who admires your expertise enough to reach out and give you a job.Give Your C ontact InformationYou don’t have to give all your contact information to the extent of being vulnerable, but you should include a way that can be used to reach you. You can leave an email address, Facebook page, twitter handle or your website or blog URL.Show Your Passion and EnthusiasmReading through your profile should show that you are proud of your job and happy to be in your industry. Share interesting things happening in the industry and follow industry leaders. Nobody wants to work with somebody who feels like they are in the wrong industry.Be your industry’s cheerleader and your works number 1 fan.Expand Your NetworkFinally, the more connections you have, the higher your chances of appearing higher on search results. LinkedIn search results will show you higher if the person searching is a connection within your network.So if the person searching is a connection or you have a common connection, your profile will rank higher in the results.

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V for vendetta - a dystopian movie - Free Essay Example

V for Vendetta is a dystopian movie, directed by James McTeigue. In the movie, the protagonist named V tries to destroy the totalitarian society of the futuristic London. V for Vendetta is an action-thriller film primarily set in the Jordan Tower, where Evey Hammond works. The ways in which the director used symbols such as the Guy Fawkes mask, and the scarlet Carson roses, display themes such as freedom, control and anarchy. The ways that the director has used film text to explore freedom, vengeance and control in the symbols and motifs would be when the V symbol and Scarlett roses are used. V turned to gardening during his time at Larkhill, he grew Scarlett Carsons in memory of Valerie, they symbolise freedom and are representative of hope and a better society. V leaves a rose with every one of his victims to convey the message of moral justification and an ethical, higher purpose. The use of the rose sends a message that freedom and vengeance is possible. Each time a rose appears in the film, it appears in extreme close-up, giving the impression of how powerful Vs desire for vengeance is. The scarlet Carsons were also grown by the lesbian lover of Valerie, who wrote the autobiography on toilet paper that she passed to V during their incarceration. There was a quote on the toilet paper But Americas war grew worse and worse and eventually it came to London. After that there were no roses anymore. Not for anyone meaning that so many people lost their lives in the horrible wars. An important scene which discusses freedom is Vs speech to the nation, that exposed the lies created by Norsefire and v urges the people to fight against the oppressive government. Vs efforts to take down Londons government is portrayed when he slashes his symbol into the government slogan poster, showing his intentions to bring down the government through undermining their message of conformity, bringing anarchy to the people of London Body text 2 Arguably the most important and recognisable symbol inV for Vendetta was the Guy Fawkes mask, which symbolised anarchism, revolution and civil disobedience, this is scene, when demonstrators in Egypt and the oppressed Wall Street in New York wore the iconic mask to show their disapproval of the government. The mask has a certain anonymity surrounding it, meaning anyone can wear the mask and embody the spirit of rebellion. In the end scenes we see people with guy Fawkes masks charging towards the government, the masks symbolising that they are very powerful, transforming individual, flawed people into something more powerful and creating movements. In the Domino scene, where V sets up dominos in the shape of his emblem, the scene goes on to show a montage of significant events that have happened in the past, present and future. The first domino falls and knocks down all of the other dominos, symbolising that one idea can reshape a nation and force the government into chaos. One domino remains standing representing Vs final task, to destroy the parliament house. Conclusion In conclusion, the director James McTeigue used symbols such as the Guy Fawkes mask, the V sign and Scarlett Carsons to display themes of control, anarchy, revolution and vengeance.